Responsibility to our visitors

Gambling at a casino is a form of entertainment. But that does not mean that it may not have negative consequences for certain groups of people. Responsible gaming is not just a legal obligation, but a duty to the player and to the society. That is why we have voluntarily instituted a Code of Conduct for Responsible Gaming. The Code is a system of standards and procedures that ensure gaming at the Mont Parnes Casino is conducted in a responsible manner.

“Responsible Gaming” is gambling governed by rules and regulations

Such a system:

Strictly defines the manner in which players and casino personnel conduct themselves.

Minimises any potential negative impact or side-effect.

Players take decisions with full knowledge of the rules of the game.

Players know what are the consequences of their participation.

For the purpose of ensuring the maximum possible safety of players, Hellenic Casino of Parnitha S.A. works closely with the Hellenic Gaming Commission to inform and protect vulnerable social groups.