The vision of all employees of F&B Department of REGENCY CASINO MONT PARNES is to have our brand associated with the complete satisfaction and pleasure of our customers.

A basic parameter of the service quality we want to offer to our clients is the hygiene and safety of all food offered to them, assuring the correct handling of food from receiving and storage to preparation and service.

The company has adopted the following points for our commitment to offering safe and hygienic food to our customers:

  1. Adhere to HACCP manual procedures according to ISO 22000 standard
  2. Compliance with all HACCP work procedures.
  3. Continuous training in hygiene and safety procedures to all employees.
  4. Continuous verification of proper HACCP operational status.
  5. Close monitoring of critical points and operational prerequisite programs.
  6. Continued investments in order to maintain and update of HACCP system, improve infrastructure and equipment and work environment.
  7. Maintain communication which has been established with suppliers, customers and statutory and regulatory authorities
  8. Monitoring and apply of hygiene legislation.
  9. Implementing food safety culture across the organization

In addition, we have establish business objectives relative with food safety which are monitored by relevant personnel for achievement.

All the above mentioned secure the implementation of our target/vision of both Management and employees, and make us proud to be able to contribute to the general progress of REGENCY CASINO MONT PARNES as well as all the other company’s properties.