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Playing chips can only be bought in Euros in the casino. The casino does not accept foreign currency, cheques, credit cards or any type of payment other than cash in exchange for chips.

If you have foreign currency, you may convert it to Euros at the casino’s main cashier’s windows.

For you convenience, in withdrawing cash, there are eight ATMs in the main playing area in the casino which accept most ATM cards. There is also an ATM at the recently renovated Club Regency area.

In addition to Club Regency’s unique amenities and services, there is another ATM machine available in the distinguished area.

In the main casino area there are money & ticket exchange machines where you can cash out your wins and exchange your banknotes.

In addition, there is a Cashier in the Avenue room where you may complete all the transactions – as at the Cashier desk – except for the exchange of foreign currency.

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