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Top-level entertainment guaranteed by the No.1 casino in Athens
For a premier gaming experience, you don’t need to look far: the Regency Casino Mont Parnes is a stone’s throw from Athens, at just 17 km. The game alone is not enough. That’s why Regency Casino Mont Parnes has created an entire world of entertaiment to captivate all your senses.
Look at the heart-stopping view and natural beauty at your feet during the ride in the funitel cabin.
Experience the glamour and history of the setting that have made the Regency Casino Mont Parnes famous.
Taste the deliciously satisfying restaurant selections as you relax from the intensity of gaming.
Enjoy with all your senses the unique experience of a visit to the REGENCY CASINO MONT PARNES. Take advantage of our premier services and feel like a special member of a unique club of privileges.

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