The MONT PARNES tourist facility owned by Hellenic Casino of Parnitha S.A. (HCP S.A.) is situated in the Mt Parnitha massif and has been active in the sector since the 1960s. A pivotal aspect of HCP S.A.’s philosophy is to educate the public, as well as to provide entertainment and recreation.

HCP S.A. recognises that its location within the protected NATURA 2000 area and the daily activities involved in its operation carry potential environmental impacts, particularly related to waste generation, water use and energy consumption. In particular, HCP S.A. has made a binding commitment that the MONT PARNES facility shall:

  • Continually improve its environmental performance with regard to its activities, products and services.
  • Comply with current legislation and standards which apply to the undertaking’s operation in Parnitha.
  • Consistently re-examine all of its activities and services to identify, quantify and assess their impacts on the environment and to minimise them in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.
  • Monitor, prevent and contain any potential adverse impacts of its operation on the environment and local community, and take all necessary measures to prevent pollution and protect the environment.
  • Continually improve its environmental performance by setting appropriate qualitative and quantitative targets.
  • Demonstrate its efficient use of energy, water and natural resources.
  • Apply the principles of best environmental practice to planning, developing and upgrading the energy efficiency of its buildings.
  • Contain the amount of waste through reuse and recycling, where feasible, and promote the use of environmentally friendly products.
  • Develop appropriate emergency response plans to handle potential incidents with a view to minimising their environmental impacts.
  • Increase personnel awareness of environmental issues through training and ensure effective management of environmental impacts.
  • Disseminate its environmental policy to stakeholders, including personnel, customers and competent authorities.

In order to live up to the above commitments, the MONT PARNES tourist complex owned by HCP S.A. implements an Environmental Management System meeting the ISO 14001:2015 standard and develops objectives and targets each year to achieve ongoing improvement in managing resources and raising awareness of environmental issues.

Hellenic Casino of Parnitha S.A. Management