Stud poker is a challenging and popular game with a short but glorious history and ardent fans throughout the world. It is played with a 52-card deck and the game begins with the players placing an initial bet in the “ante” position. At this stage, they can also make “bonus” bets if they wish.
The dealer deals five cards to each player and five to himself. All of the cards are dealt one by one and face down, except for the dealer’s last card, which is flipped face up. Players take up their cards and see them. At this stage, players have the option of either betting or folding. If they choose to place a bet, they must place their cards face down in the front of the “bonus” position, and then place an additional bet in the “bet” position. This bet must be exactly double the initial ante.

If players decide to fold, they place their cards face down in front of the “bonus” position, indicating to the dealer that they do not wish to continue playing. In this case, the dealer collects the players’ cards along with their ante and any bonuses they may have placed.

Doubling the initial bet to take part in the game, the dealer flips over his remaining four cards. The dealer can continue playing his hand only if it includes an ace and king, or better. If the dealer’s hand does not include one of these cards, he pays out an amount equal to the ante in play. If the dealer’s hand includes an ace and a king or better, the dealer flips over the other players’ cards one by one. Players with cards of lower value than the dealer’s lose their ante and bets. Players with cards of higher value than the dealer’s are paid an amount equal to the ante, while they receive the winnings from the bets depending on the bet payout. Regardless of whether the dealer has a good hand or not, bonus bets win are irrelevant and are paid out according to the cards held by the player.

Players cannot exchange cards, show each other their cards, or reveal any information in regard to the cards. If this rule is violated, the player’s hand is deemed void and his bets (ante and bet) are withdrawn. Players must hold their cards on the table throughout the game. Players can play one hand each time.

The following table shows the bet payouts:

Hand combination  Bet Payment  Payment Bonus
Royal Flush 100 to 1 € 10.000
Straight Flush 50 to 1 € 1.000
Four of a Kind 20 to 1 € 500
Full House 7 to 1 € 250
Flush 5 to 1 € 150
Straight 4 to 1  
Three of a Kind 3 to 1  
Two Pairs 2 to 1  
One Pair 1 to 1  

Bonus Bet 1 €

If the dealer and a player have the exact same hand, there is a stand-off.

Players are solely responsible for formulating their five-card hand.