• Worldwide distinction for NTUA students at CanSat competition.
  • “White Noise” amongst the top 4 teams in the world with the support of HELLENIC CASINO OF PARNITHA S.A.


Athens, 10 July 2019

With the support of HELLENIC CASINO OF PARNITHA S.A., the “White Noise” team travelled  to Texas, USA, where it earned 4th place in the educational satellite simulation competition, CanSat. The team of Greek students from the National Technical University of Athens competed from 14 to 17 June in the international aerospace contest, earning distinction amongst 93 teams of students from the leading universities in the world.  

This year’s competition, staged by the American Astronautical Society (AAS) and sponsored by NASA and the Goddard Space Flight Centre, called for the design and construction of a micro-satellite no larger than a beverage can. The competitors then had to launch their satellite to an altitude of 1 km. The aim of the mission was to deploy a descent control mechanism that would allow the mini-satellite to fall without a parachute, vertically and along a fixed orbit.

The 8 students from the NTUA Schools of Electrical/Computer Engineering and Mechanical Engineering who took part in the “White Noise mission are: Neoklis Vaindirlis, Dimitris Bralios, Iasonas Nikolaou, Marios Papachristou, Giorgos Rapakoulias, Miltiadis Stouras, Charitonas Charitonidis and Giannis Christodoulou. 

The “White Noise” team’s success is proof that Greece is not only able to follow, but to lead advancements in critical sectors such as research and development. HELLENIC CASINO OF PARNITHA S.A. will steadfastly remain at the side of those who chart new roads for the economy, for employment and for the country itself. 

Commenting on the important distinction for the “White Noise” team, HELLENIC CASINO OF PARNITHA S.A. CEO Nikolaos Dandolos said:

The success of the ‘White Noise’ team has filled us with pride, but also with optimism. These young people do not only deserve our congratulations. We must support them in tangible ways so they can stay in their country and take Greece to new heights. We must invest in a future with research, innovation and the valuable expertise emerging from Greek universities at its core. For our part, we are committed to continually supporting efforts and initiatives that help to tap into Greece’s true potential.”


    Hellenic Casino of Parnitha S.A. is the owner of Regency Casino Mont Parnes, with shareholders the company Athens Resort Casino SA with a percentage of 51% and the company of the Greek State (PRE)  with a percentage of 49% of the share capital. The company currently maintains more than 1,000 direct jobs, and has implemented investments in excess of €150,000,000 to renovate and upgrade the Parnitha facility.