As we and the deer of Parnitha experienced it!

On Wednseday 13th of July, was the famous Full Moon orf the Red Deer! For us at Regency Casino Mont Parnes, it was an even more special occasion as Parnitha is home to the red deer! This Full Moon generously gave a wonderful sight to those who saw it, especially to those who were lucky enough to watch it in the most privileges place for such an experience: Restaurant 1055 of the Regency Casino Mon Parnes. The radio station easy 97.2 put us into the magic of the evening from early on, with Stathis Christoforidis broadcasting live from 1055 and taking us on a journey with the melodies inspired by the enchanting setting of the evening!

The unparelleled view of the whole Athens combines with the green vegetation of Mount Parnitha and of course the full moon in all its glory, left no one unmoved! Even on of Parnitha’s deer approaches and enjoyed the view on the spot! Whether undef the light of the moon or just the stars, thw 1055 delights every visitor. Inspired cuisine, cool atmosphere and Athens on the plate! The perfect culinary experience in the ultimate destination, just a breath away from Athens.

And of course, the seven-minute cable car ride that will take your breath away and make you wish it lasted even longer is just as unforgettable!